Grace of the LORD is not easily exhausted

The outline of the book of Judges seems to follow a pattern, more of a cycle actually.

  1. The Israelites did evil in the sight of the LORD
  2. A foreign nation came up against them and the Israelites came under the control of foreigners
  3. The Israelites cried out to the LORD
  4. The LORD raised up a judge to deliver the Israelites from the invaders
  5. Peace in the land
  6. The judge died, and the people went back to number 1

What a cycle. The people did not seem to have learnt their lesson. Yet this also shows that the grace of the LORD was not exhausted, and the LORD was always ready to deliver the Israelites.

Today some of us, including me, are in a similar situation. We sin, then we ask for forgiveness, and before we know it, we sin again. Thankfully by the love and grace of the LORD, He gave us Jesus, our saviour. And by His blood, our sins (past, present, and future) were forgiven at the cross.


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