Some random thoughts on the Mosaic Law

I am reading the 5th book of the Torah, Deuteronomy, the book that Jesus quoted 3 verses from to fight off the evil one in the desert. I have to admit that reading about the various laws recorded is not an easy thing, and often I did a cursory read. But when I think about it, I am amazed how the LORD came out with these laws. Was a council or committee set up in heaven for this? How long did it take? Though we are not under the covenant of law, it is still good to know something about the Mosaic Law. The Law was given directly by the LORD, thus it shows the high standard and expectations the LORD had for the Israelites, the chosen people. The emphasis on being “clean” shows the holiness of the LORD. And the Law is a shadow of Christ.

Today we have Jesus, so we need not judge our standing before the LORD by our performance in obeying the Law, because if we can obey the Law then Jesus need not die for us on the cruel cross.


2 thoughts on “Some random thoughts on the Mosaic Law

    1. the Law as recorded is already quite hard to keep. yet the Pharisees added more stuff to it. that is why they were scolded by Jesus for adding to the burden of the people. yes, indeed to be thankful that Jesus freed us from the Law.


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