The maid and her cake

Maria has worked in the Charles family as a maid for a couple of years. During this period, she has discharged her duties faithfully. The house was kept neat and tidy, the laundry was done on time, the family loved her cooking, and she got along well with the Charles family. The Charles family would love to extend her contract or work permit, but unfortunately according to the regulations, she had to leave.


On her last day, the family went with her to the airport to send her off. They could not bear to see her leave but there was nothing they could do. On the way to the airport, Maria realized that she had left something in the house and wanted to turn back. She had baked a cake that she intended to bring home for her family. Mrs Charles told her they would not make it in time for the flight if they turned back, and offered to buy her a cake at the airport instead. Maria insisted on turning back, but she had no control over the steering wheel. With reluctance, Maria settled for a cake purchased in the airport. With tears, the Charles family watched Maria walked through the departure gates.


When the Charles family returned, they saw the cake Maria had prepared for her family. It was a delicious-looking chocolate cake. Feeling hungry, they decided to eat it. Nothing prepared them for what they saw next – condoms were found buried in the cake, and stuffed inside the condoms were various pieces of jewelry owned by the Charles family.


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