A pastor in the red-light district

We were discussing about sexual purity during the Sunday class when someone brought up the case of a pastor seen in the red-light district. Some years ago the media reported about a pastor who was seen regularly in the red-light district. I remember reading this article, and it sparked a debate back then. He claimed he was reaching out to the women and men, workers and customers, in the area. At that time there were skeptics who questioned the claim, there were people who were concerned about tarnishing the image of the faith and the office of a pastor, and there were some who wondered if he had crossed the line.

I think there is nothing wrong for him to reach out to people in the red-light district. In fact I salute him for reaching out to those people for this is something I dare not do. I reminded the class about Jesus being questioned for associating with tax collectors and sinners. When I searched the bible for this passage, I noticed that the passage appeared in 3 of the gospels. His reply was “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” [Mark 2:17]


One thought on “A pastor in the red-light district

  1. It’s so easy to judge . . .but we don’t know. So I’m with you, lets think the best of him and that he’s doing what God called him to do, reaching out to those in need. God bless you!


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