Youth camp 2011

The 5D4N youth camp ended on Fri morning, 9 Dec. it was the first time I had participated in the youth camp, and I was one the helpers. Initially I thought my role was to help out or facilitate. However the chairman of the camp, the youth pastor, made it clear to the helpers during the briefing that he wanted this to be a peer-learning experience, so that made me became an overage youth camp participant. I am not familiar with the youths in the church though many were not fresh faces to me. That was why I was very impressed when the youth pastor was able to call out their names without referring to a name list.

There were 2 sermons a day: 1 in the morning, and 1 in the evening. I must admit the guest speaker was good. He was able to give specific examples to let us understand certain concepts eg what it meant to surrender to the lordship of Jesus, and what it meant when the bible wrote that sin has no power over us.

In between the sermons were various activities. These young people seemed to have an endless flow of energy. One should have seen how they ran mad at the beach, throwing water bombs at one another. For me, I chose to stay away from the arena and kept myself dry. The other interesting activity was the amazing race which we travelled around the city to take pictures, and of course there were certain tasks we needed to complete at the various checkpoints. It was really tiring. And guess what? My team had to pay a forfeit for completing one of the tasks last. They split us into 4 smaller groups for the forfeit. I am lucky mine was not the worst, and seeing myself on the video clip that was uploaded to FB, really made me laugh. Wow, iphones can take quite sharp videos.

The camp is over, and I will be back to work next week. I dread the thought of reading those emails in my office mailbox.


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