Book review: Stop dating the church (Joshua Harris)

Title: Stop dating the church

Author: Joshua Harris

Publisher: Multnomah Publishers


According to the author, a person who dates the church displays the following characteristics:

  • Me-centered: He asks “what can church do for me?”;
  • Independent: He goes to church on Sundays because “that is what Christians are supposed to do”;
  • Critical: He is like a “lover with a wandering eye, always on the hunt for something better.”


Joshua Harris admitted he used to be such a person, and he wrote this book with the intention of sharing with fellow Christians the blessings “that come with living a life committed to the church”. This book is about our relationship with the local church, and the author shared with the readers his personal experiences as he delivered his message of getting committed to a local church.


For Christians who do not see the need to settle down in a church, or even attend a church, there is a chapter devoted to explain “why we really need the local church”. In that chapter, Joshua Harris explained why we should be part of a local church, and why worshipping with fellow Christians in a local church is irreplaceable. The most provocative line in that chapter is a quotation from Mark Dever – “if you are not a member of the church you regularly attend, you may well be going to hell.” He went on to quote Mark Dever’s explanation on that statement, and his [Joshua Harris’] view on that statement. I believe most people would have been convinced of the need to be a part of the local church by the end of that chapter, but Joshua Harris went on to advise “church-daters” how to choose a church in settle in, and how to reap more benefits from the Sunday worship.


I like the way the book is written. The short story at the start of each chapter helps to illustrate what the chapter is about. Though the title suggests its target reader is “church-daters”, Christians who are serving faithfully in a church will also find this book insightful.


PS: I received this book from the church. I have not received any form of compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the publisher or author mentioned in the post.






2 thoughts on “Book review: Stop dating the church (Joshua Harris)

    1. hi debbie, glad to know that u like the review. you can find more book reviews in my blog under the christianity category. please note that the books reviewed are not the latest by the authors, they were published some years back.


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