27 NOV 2011

There are many important dates in the history of our congregation and I believe the most recent addition would be 27 November 2011. That was the day we held the first worship in the new site. It was not an easy journey for the leaders having to hunt for a site, secure the bank loan, work out a loan repayment plan, oversee the renovation and so on, but praise the lord for his guidance.


The first thing that touched me when I arrived that Sunday at the new site was the logo on the entrance. It signified that the site is a place we can call our own, just like putting up a flag on a piece of land to signify the ownership. Then when I entered the worship hall, the hall was bigger than I thought, and the best part was, no pillars in the middle to obstruct the view to the pulpit and PowerPoint slide. We held a combined service that day: Pastor preached and a deacon translated it to the mother tongue simultaneously. It was not an easy feat. It might be the normal practice for some congregations but definitely the first time in ours. The sermon was about grace and faith taken from the story of Elijah and the widow, where we were reminded that we had relied on both grace and faith to move to the new site and would continue to need both grace and faith in the days ahead.


After the worship service, we had a short break and the members explored the site. For some of them, it was their first visit; for some, they had played an important role in cleaning up the site after the renovation; for some, they had contributed their time in decorating the site. After the short break, we had our general meeting where we voted on certain issues.


Some continued to hang around in church after the meeting, but a few of us went directly to the nearby food centre for lunch. It was a very good feeling being able to leave just like that. Previously in the rented site (we were there for around 16 months), we could not hang around at the site after the church service because the security guard would chase us away, and we had to rearrange the chairs to a certain arrangement for the next group of users. The rearrangement itself easily took 30 minutes. Now these are a thing of the past.




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