A heart to serve

This story took place when Ben was studying in the college. At that time he was actively serving in the church office. He was spending so much time in the church office, that one could easily have mistaken him as a full-time staff. Many people, including his parents, could not understand why he spent so much time in church when he could have used the time for his studies. After all, he was not paid for the work in the church. What they did not understand was that to Ben, it was his ministry. The pastor was concerned about Ben and told him that he could take a few days off whenever he needed to prepare for his assignments, tests, exams or other stuff.

One afternoon, the pastor was surprised to see Ben turning up in the church office on the day he was supposed to have an exam.

“Ben, I thought you have a paper today?”

“Yes, pastor, that was in the morning. And that was the last paper for the semester.”

“You must be very happy that the exams are over now. I believe your friends would have some sort of celebration. Why did you not join them?”

“Pastor, now that my exams are over, I am back to serve God.”


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