Book review: Honor’s reward (written by John Bevere)

Title: Honor’s reward

Author: John Bevere

Publisher: Faith Words


Honor is something that has been overlooked in our modern society. Yet honor is of great importance. In this book, John Bevere explained the meaning of honor in light of the bible. He gave examples from the bible and personal experiences on how someone honored someone and was rewarded; also what happened to someone who dishonored another. He stressed the importance of honor and how it is in line with God. He covered a broad base of people we ought to honor: our leaders (church leaders, government, bosses, and teachers), our family (parents, spouse, children, and elders), our peers (colleagues and friends), people under our care (students, and subordinates), and those outside the heavenly kingdom. Of course most important of all, honor God.


John Bevere acknowledged it is with God’s help that we can truly honor and we need to pray to God to put true honor in our hearts for all people. For each group, as mentioned above, besides examples from the bible and personal stories, he also suggested ways we can honor the people in the group eg not to show insubordination or badmouth the boss even if the boss is unreasonable, or treats us shabbily. Another example is honor is displayed by obedience. Despite telling us there will be rewards for honor, he also reminded us that “we don’t honor just to get a reward; we honor because it is the heart of God, and it is our delight”.


I find this book insightful but some suggestions might not be easy to follow eg it is not easy to honor those who treat us badly. But I believe this world will be a lot better if we start honoring one another.


PS: I received this book as a gift from a friend. I have not received any form of compensation for writing this post. I have no material connection to the publisher or author mentioned in the post.






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