Dinner with SML

SML is back for a short holiday, a break from his doctorate studies. We had dinner together yesterday with Ah Chia and his wife, at a Japanese restaurant. The food was good, but what caught my attention was the ipads placed on every table where patrons can place their order and the orders transmitted to the server. At our table, Ah Chia and his wife ordered the food as they are more familiar with the menu. While waiting, our discussion topic was mainly on SML and his beau. We were curious about the woman who managed to attract SML. Perhaps it was indeed like what SML admitted that love comes unexpectedly. We also talked about other stuff. I noticed that SML talked in a very structured style: background information, some points, justification, and finally some rhetoric questions. What he lacked was a projector showing some powerpoint slides. I guess he has been giving a lot of presentations lately.


He is flying back tomorrow, so this weekend is reserved for his family. Friends who want to contact him can still sms him.



I would like to hear from you :D

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