The king and the female attendant

Once upon a time in the Far East, a king met a beautiful female attendant while visiting a temple. He was attracted by her beauty to the point that he could not stop thinking of her even when he was back to the palace. He kept seeing her in his dreams. He was determined to marry the woman. So he sneaked out of the palace and went to the temple. The temple was on a high mountain and the terrain was not easy. But love kept him on and he eventually reached the temple amid some cuts and bruises. He confessed his attraction to the female attendant and asked the woman to marry him. The female attendant explained to him that she had to remain celibate for her vocation, and rejected him. The king left the temple dejected. He could no longer manage the kingdom well. A few years later his kingdom fell into the hands of another tribe and he died as a prisoner of war.


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