Looking more forward to school holidays

The period after exams and before collecting the report book was probably the best part of schooldays. There were no lessons, no homework, and no tests. Sometimes the teachers would organize an excursion to places such as the science centre or the zoo. However there were always exceptions.


For one particular year, either after pri1 or pri2 exams, our Maths teacher made us memorize the multiplication table. I remember she told the class that Maths at the next grade would be harder and we would need to know the multiplication table well. That became our homework despite the fact year-end exams were over. There were whining, but it was futile. That was an era when parents sided with teachers. When I complained to my mum, she was supportive of the homework. So while others were having fun and waiting for the school holidays, I, together with my classmates, was memorizing the multiplication table reluctantly and looking more forward to the school holidays so that this memorizing thing would end.


Looking back, memorizing the multiplication table was not easy for our tiny brains, but it was indeed proven to be essential for Maths at the next grade. I would say it was an important component for my foundation in Maths.


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