The tooth fairy is late

The handphone rang in the middle of the meeting. An embarrassed Florence excused herself to answer the call.


“Mum! When is the tooth fairy coming?” asked the voice from the other end of the line.


After a short pause, Florence recalled what happened. A milk tooth came off from her daughter a few days ago, and she had told the little girl that the tooth fairy would visit her to take the tooth and give her some sweets in return. But Florence had been busy at work that she had forgotten about it. She replied to her daughter, “She is coming tonight, dear.”


“Mum, I have waited for 2 nights. Is she really coming tonight?”


“Yes, she will be coming tonight, dear. Now, be a good girl. Mum is busy now.”


After the conversation ended, Florence made a mental note to buy some sweets before going home that evening.


That evening, after Florence was sure that her daughter had fallen asleep, she entered her room and walked softly towards the bed, not wanting to wake the little girl. She was surprised to find a packet of sweets on the spot where it was supposed to be a tooth. She walked out of the room, puzzled.


“The tooth fairy is late”, came a voice from behind.


She turned around. It was her husband, smiling at her, with a tooth in his hand.



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