An unforgettable science experiment

When I was in primary school, one of my favorite subjects was Science. What set the subject apart was the experiments involved. Simply put, the experiments made the subject come alive and doing experiments was a lot more fun than reading textbooks. One of the unforgettable experiments was the lighting up of a matchstick using a magnifying glass.


That day, the whole class gathered at the basketball court under the hot sun. Then the teacher placed a matchstick under the magnifying glass, and the matchstick was lighted shortly. I was amazed. It was like a magic trick the Science teacher had performed. We were then divided into groups to try out the experiment. I was eager to try out the experiment but I remember the teacher distributed only one or two matchsticks per group, thus not everyone got to play with it. I did not get a chance that day but seeing those lucky classmates performing it was equally satisfying. I looked forward to those experiments in those days.


For those who do not know the experiment I am referring to, perhaps the below clip I found on YOUTUBE will provide some clarity. Please do not try this at home.




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