Date for the 2nd coming of Christ

The preacher Harold is wrong, again. For a moment I was fearful that his prediction might be correct because if he is correct, it means I am left behind. Incidentally when I did a google search, someone named William Miller (1782 to 1849) had predicted 22 October 1844 to be the date for the 2nd coming of Christ, after predicting wrongly 21 March 1844 and 18 April 1844. According to the internet search, many left the faith disillusioned at that time, and Miller insisted the return of Christ was near. I am, however, intrigued by the closeness of the 2 dates – 21 October and 22 October. What is it about them that prompted the 2 men to believe that that would be the date?


In any case, I believe that no one can predict the date correctly because it is written “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. [Mark 13:32]” So if someone can predict the date correctly, then it means Jesus was wrong. And if Jesus was wrong, then can we still believe what was said regarding our salvation?


I would like to hear from you :D

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