Presenting a class item during assembly

This took place somewhere between pri3 to pri5. The class had to present an item on stage during assembly. Our form teacher decided that we would recite a poem. First we had to memorize the poem she had chosen. It was not easy because there were words we had difficulties pronouncing. I remember she told us to memorize one line at a time, until we get the entire poem into the head. It took a few days for us to memorize the poem. Then she selected a few students to recite the poem in class. After that she got the whole class to recite the poem.


Beside the class practice, there was also a rehearsal in the hall. We practiced walking up the stage in a single file, then get into our positions in an orderly manner. Due to my height, I was probably standing somewhere in the middle row. It felt odd reciting the poem in an empty hall. I remember some classmates were chided for giggling during the rehearsal. Of course the practice included walking down the stage orderly.


Despite the preparations, I was very nervous on the actual day. Standing on stage with so many pairs of eyes looking at us was not a comfortable feeling. Initially the voice was soft, but slowly it got louder and the words flowed smoother. I was very happy and relieved when it was over.


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