Learning about road safety

I remember when I was in pri sch, the traffic police would sometimes drop by to give us a lesson on road safety, such as do not cross the road when the green man is blinking or when the red man is on. Besides that, the school would also make arrangements for us to visit the Road Safety Community Park in ECP. The objective was to have a practical lesson on road safety. We would be given a card with checkpoints to visit. We could choose to be pedestrians, car drivers (not really a motorcar), or cyclists. There would be personnel at the checkpoints to make a sign on the card to indicate that we were there, and there would also be personnel walking around the park to guide us in case we got lost (I admit I was not good in map reading). And of course, those personnel would also ensure that we observed the traffic rules and road safety (ie no jaywalking, and no crossing when the red light is on). Among friends, we would compete to see who would complete the card first. I thought it was quite fun to explore the park, even though I was sweating under the hot sun.


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