Children’s day celebration in school

We used to celebrate Children’s day in school on the last weekday of September. It was a break from the year-end exam preparations and there would be no classes on that day. The students would assemble for flag-raising and proceed to the hall. There would be a string of performances waiting for us, usually a skit by the teachers. I remember on one year, there was also a Talentine competition, or rather a singing contest. But the highlight would always be the magic show. The magician was good with his tricks and jokes. Even though his tricks were not new, it was still entertaining. I never managed to see through those tricks until I watched the “Breaking the magician’s code” many years later. Besides the performances, we would also receive a gift from the school, usually a ruler, pen, or folder. Some teachers would also have candies for us. On our part, there was also an envelope, with a picture of an elephant, for us to make a donation to charity.

The year when I was in pri6 was the last year I celebrated Children’s day. At that time I could not wait to grow up. Now I sort of miss Children’s day.


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