No change needed

The young king summoned his premier to his presence.


“Premier, it has been some time since you took up this position. Do you have in mind any new policy to propose?”

“No, Sire.”

“How about revisions or improvements to the present policies?”

“No, Sire. The present policies are working fine.”

“Premier, I am beginning to regret appointing you as premier.”

“Sire, please pardon me. But may I ask how you would compare yourself with the late king?”

“The late king, my father, was a capable ruler. The kingdom has prospered under his reign. I would not dare to compare myself with him.”

“Sire, how would you compare me with the previous premier?”

“You are not as good as him.”

“Sire, you are right. Since we are not as good as our predecessors, and the policies the 2 great men had formulated are working fine and showing results, do you think we can come up with better policies than what they had thought of? Regarding sound polices that are already in place, we should not introduce changes recklessly. I would think it is wiser to stay on the path the 2 great men (the late king and the previous premier) had laid for us, instead of implementing change for the sake of change.”


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