Dinner with friends

Ah Goh came back last month, and finally after 3 weeks he found a free slot to have dinner with us, his friends in the college. It was a good opportunity to catch up with the college friends as we have not seen one another for some months. I had joked with Ah Goh that the friends are about to have problems putting a face to his name. He shared briefly his plans, basically for his wife to give birth here. He is still undecided whether to stay for good or to return to the land of the dragons after his kid is born. Ah Yong has recovered from his injuries arising from an traffic accident some time back. For those who could not join us, they were also on our minds eg Ah Chng. We are envious that she seems to be spending her days on scrapbooking and travelling in the land of liberty. The amazing thing about mobile fb is that we can simply access the fb page of a friend and view those photos and status updates. That was one way we shared updates regarding those who were absent yesterday, because some people do not access fb regularly or read fb feeds.

It is good to see everyone is doing fine.


I would like to hear from you :D

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