classmates with the platoon IC

When I was searching the internet and facebook regarding my secondary school, I came across a page that was created by the alumni. Then I saw a topic on the page about the uniformed group I was in. One particular post caught my attention. That person claimed to be the platoon IC during the years when I was with the group. I looked closely at the profile picture. I could not recognize him, but he did look like the platoon IC. That brought back some not-so-nice memories.

After the sec2 streaming, all of us were sent to different classes. And I became classmates with this guy. There were only 2 of us belonging to that uniformed group in the class. On certain special days, we had to wear the uniform to school because we had some activities after lessons. We were supposed to wear the uniform with pride but I felt really very small. As the platoon IC, he held a higher rank than me, and had a lot more badges on his uniform. With only 2 of us in the class, when people looked at both of us in that uniform, it was very clear to them one was on the top while the other was at the bottom. I have nothing against this classmate. He was outstanding, and thus sent to various courses to earn those badges and rank (he deserved them); while I was just contented to be an ordinary member. I also do not blame people for making comparisons as I would have done so too. But at that time, I was just a teenager who could not handle it in a more mature way.


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