flag raising/lowering ceremony

ZZZISLE: after posting the entry of pri sch, the site admin made a remark on flag raising/lowering ceremony. That reminded me that I was involved in the ceremony on 2 occasions. So I decided to submit another entry.



There is an arrangement in the school that the uniformed groups would take turns to lead the flag raising/lowering ceremony. As a member of a uniformed group, I was involved twice during my sec sch days.


The first time, I was assigned to lower the flag. There was no rehearsal. The 2 of us had to figure out how to play around with the rope and pulley during the ceremony itself. The only warning we had was that the flags must never touch the ground. Throughout the playing of the national anthem, the 2 of us had to focus on the 2 flags to ensure that they were descending at the same pace, and the pace was in line with the national anthem — you don’t want a situation where the flags are already lowered before the national anthem ends, or the flags are still halfway on the pole when the national anthem ends. We were among the last to leave school that evening as we had to return the flags to the office.


The second time, I was assigned to be the commander. I was unable to push it away. I was very nervous that day. Imagine standing there and having the school looking at you. If something goes wrong, I would be the laughingstock and it would reflect badly on the uniformed group I represented. The ceremony was simple. First, it was a “SCHOOL! SEDIA!” The trick was to sound forceful. Second, to stand still when the national anthem was played. Third, after the national anthem it was “please say the pledge after me”. Every word of the pledge must be clear and correct because there is no take 2. Omitting a verse was the worst that could happen but thankfully it didn’t happen that day. Fourth, it was a “SCHOOL! SENANG DIRI!” It was at that point I felt a sense of relief. If there was YouTube back then, I would be not surprised that some friends would film and upload it.



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