the poor class treasurer

One of the topics hotly discussed recently is the ability of the head of state to guard the national reserves. It brought me back to the time when I was chosen to be the class treasurer. I remember the teacher wanted the class to choose someone who was careful with money, i.e. would not spend carelessly. I cannot remember if she mentioned honesty. My classmates knew me to be a miser; I guess that was why I was chosen. One difficulty I faced was collecting the class funds because some classmates were not cooperative, to the point I had to tell them they would not receive the notes then. Our helpful teachers kept photocopying stacks of notes for us regularly in preparation for our O levels. Without sufficient money, I could not collect them, and the class would not have the notes. The treasury got empty very fast because I tried to avoid excess by collecting just enough. I collected the funds only when needed, i.e. when the teachers informed me they had a stack of notes for the class. At the end of the year, at a class gathering one classmate joked that he never worried about me absconding. Another classmate interjected that it was because the treasury was always close to zero. He was right. By the end of the year, the amount in the treasury was less than $1.


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