Some thoughts on the story of Joshua in the Bible

I am currently reading the story of Joshua and I have some thoughts that I would like to share. Please note that these are thoughts, they may be wrong and thus not meant to be taken as study notes.


In a way, the story of Joshua mirrors the life of a believer. Joshua led his people across the Jordan to enter the holy land, then he began his conquests, and he killed everyone (civilians and soldiers) in the defeated cities. When the Lamb, Jesus, first entered our lives, there were many undesirable traits in us. These undesirable traits would be removed by the Lamb one by one, a process called sanctification. Joshua’s merciless treatment to his enemies reflects the attitude of the Most High One, God, towards our undesirable traits.


In chapter 17, we see the children of Joseph approaching Joshua for more land. They lacked the faith to drive out the enemies dwelling in their allotted land, and Joshua assured them they would win. Many times we tell the Most High One that we are unable to do certain things, and it could be because we are relying on our own strength and we lack the faith needed to get the task done. Then when we turn to the Most High One for help, we find that help would be given in some unexpected ways. Of course there would also be believers like Caleb who had great faith. Caleb was very sure that the Most High One would be with him and He would be able to drive out the enemies just as it was promised to His people.


A little sidetrack here. Joshua hanged the defeated kings on trees. According to their law, a person who is hanged on a tree is accursed. When the Lamb died on Mt Calvary, He was treated as one who was hanged on a tree. That was the view held by the people as shown in what Paul wrote to the Galatians. I wonder if that is also the reason why the chosen people are so resistant towards the Lamb, as it is hard to equate savior with accursed.


That is all for now.





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